Affordable Truck Driver Training

As people in Alabama are becoming aware of truck driver benefits, their desire towards a truck driving career is also increasing. This is the reason why the folks at Affordable Truck Driver Training, LLC, are not surprised about the number of potential students who want to know about CDL training, how will I get CDL financing, and how bright are the chances of securing CDL job placement. We get prospective truckers from all over Alabama—Birmingham, Cullman, Decatur, Montgomery, Selma, or many other areas —who are constantly asking us about our CDL admission information. Even our military veterans are asking us about their veterans’ training options for those who want to be truckers. Most trucking hopefuls are curious to learn about our truck driving school and how we can help them launch their careers.

We have been operating in the trucking industry for more than 30 years now and know what it takes to make a mark here as a truck driver. We provide a comprehensive 160-hour CDL training program. The program teaches you all that you need to know to crack both segments of the CDL test—the written general knowledge examination and the practical driving skills test.

Our curriculum is considered to be one of the finest in the state and by employers all over the United States. Therefore our graduates can land great jobs after they obtain their licenses. In fact, we are associated with more than 30 trucking employers like TMC, Trans Am, Covenant, Central Refrigeration, Swift, Schneider, and McElroy who visit our campus regularly to recruit our graduates.

Our school has been approved by the state of Alabama, the departments of Veterans Affairs, Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and Vocational Rehabilitation. This makes it easy for you to secure funding and/or military grants for your education. What is more, the Post-9/11 GI Bill now make it possible for veterans to cover the full costs of their truck driver training.

Now that you have realized how we can help you build your dream career, call us at 256.974.4120 or toll free at 866.918.2838 to know how you can become enrolled in our school.

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