What Are the Many Truck Driver Benefits in Alabama?

Alabama has picked up the pieces from the days of recession and since then, a flood of industrialization is underway in the state. Increased industrialization and inter-connectedness have seen an increase in the demand for trained and qualified truck drivers. This fact has also been verified by findings released by the U.S. Department of Labor. So, in order to attract and retain talent, Alabama trucking employers in Florence, Athens, Decatur, Huntsville and other areas of the state do not hesitate to provide a host of truck driver benefits.

Apart from the stability of the trucking profession—according to the Department of Labor, the demand for competent truck drivers will greatly increase in the next coming months and years—the following are the other benefits of the job that attract hopefuls:

  • Better Pay and Lucrative Perks: A truck driver in Alabama who holds their commercial driver’s license (CDL) can expect to earn anything between USD 70,000 and USD 200,000 annually. Those who hold additional endorsements can earn more. What is more, these figures do not include the various bonuses and other perks that trucking employers in Alabama give from time to time. Some employers also provide health and life insurance coverage to not only the truck driver but also to his/her immediate family members.
  • Flexible Working Hours: Because of the increase in the demand for trained and certified truck drivers, truck drivers have seen an improvement in their working conditions. Truck drivers now no longer need to be on the road for days and months on end. Many Alabama trucking employers allow their drivers to choose the amount of time they want to be on the road, thus making it possible for them balance work and their home-life.

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