All That You Need to Know About Veteran’s Training to Help Shape Your Trucking Career

After serving your country on the battlefield for a long time, it is now natural for you to want to return home to Alabama and pursue stable career options; a trucking career for instance. At Affordable Truck Driver Training, LLC, we believe that it is our duty to support you in this process. We provide comprehensive CDL training program at very affordable rates and also help you with trucker financing and job placement.

Our school is approved both by the Alabama state government and the Department of Veterans Affairs. This will make it easy for you to secure military grants and veterans’ educational benefits like those made available under the guidelines of the Post-9/11 GI Bill. According to the GI Bill, veterans can obtain funds to cover the full costs of their trucker training program in any recognized public college or university, or even a non-college degree institution. This means that whether you stay in Enterprise or Dothan, Ozark or Brewton, you can be sure that there will be a veterans’ trucker financing program at lucrative terms to help you realize your dreams of becoming a trucker.

At Affordable Truck Driver Training, LLC, we believe that after months and years of living the most strenuous and stressful life, you deserve all the help you need to make a seamless transition from a life on the front to a life behind the wheels. That is why, we will not only ensure that you receive the best of training to prepare for the CDL test but will also help you obtain the most lucrative job after you graduate from our institute. So, choose us to kick start your trucking career!

We know that many trucking employers in Alabama, be it in Atmore or in Mobile, prefer to recruit veterans; after all, you are known for the commitment and dedication you bring to the job. But with thousands of our military men returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, competition in the job market is very stiff. You will surely need all the help that we can provide. So, call us now at 256.974.4120 or toll free at 866.918.2838 to start your new career in trucking.